Safe media detection during tank filling and transfer processes


Non-invasive Media Detection for reliable protection against hazardous mix-ups

The false media fill-up of chemicals during delivery and transfer from tank trucks into storage tanks can have fatal consequences.

These mix-ups lead to serious accidents again and again, especially when acids and alkalis are mixed. In order to prevent such dangerous situations, the hazardous substances committee recommends monitoring of the filling line.
FLEXIM developed the PIOX ID clamp-on ultrasonic media identification system for this purpose.
Sonic velocity – a characteristic media property

PIOX ID determines the acoustic velocity of the medium using clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the filling lines. The acoustic velocity is a substance-specific variable and constant at a given temperature. Given the acoustic velocity’s dependence on the media temperature, this is also measured by PIOX ID.

If the acoustic velocities of two media differ, these can be identified by way of measurement. In particular, since the acoustic velocities of acids and alkalis are very different from one another, the safety function can be implemented easily and reliably due to the significant measuring effect.

A significant application of PIOX ID is the reliable detection of sodium hypochlorite. If sodium hypochlorite is in contact with an acid, a violent exothermic reaction occurs in which toxic chlorine is released. Many other chemicals carry similar risks. Chemical mix-ups can have disastrous consequences, be it explosions or the formation of dangerous substances such as nitrous gases or hydrogen chloride.

These dangers must be controlled safely. PIOX ID offers protection. The media identification system ensures that acids and caustics can never be confused.

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