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Das deutschsprachige Fachmagazin »Arbeitsschutz – aber sicher!« befasst sich mit der Sicherheit im Handwerk und auf der Baustelle. Im zweimonatlichen Rhythmus informiert das Fachmagazin über Persönliche Schutzausrüstung (PSA), Betriebs- und Baustellensicherheit, Höhen- und Absturzsicherung, Werkzeug- und Maschinensicherheit, Fahrzeug- und Transportsicherheit sowie weitere wichtige Themen, die sich mit der Sicherheit rund um den Bau beschäftigen.

DER BETRIEBSLEITER – the polytechnic medium focuses decision-oriented topics on safety, efficiency and sustainability in production.

As an interbranch newspaper for production and responsibles for productivity in the industry, the B&I revitalizes investments about increases of energy efficiency.


Industry service – condition monitoring – energy efficiency
“Headlines of the day”, online every working day
6 editions a year (run each 15,500 copies)
Readers of B&I can throw a glance in the trade fair edition and get to know, what is to be seen on maintenance 2017

For almost 50 years cav chemie anlagen verfahren has been the established practice magazine on the market and reports application-oriented on processes, plants, apparatus and components for the chemical industry.

CHEManager International (circulation: 43,000 copies, frequency 16 issues/year) and its B2B portal supply executives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with in-depth information on market trends and technical developments. In 2017 CHEManager celebrates its 25th anniversary.

  • i.e. technical papers and information i.a. from bulk material technology
  • i.e. largest subscription circulation in its field for executives, process and chemical engineers
  • i.e. official membership organ of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA

In 2017 CITplus celebrates its 20th anniversary.

dei – Prozesstechnik für die Lebensmittelindustrie is a trade magazine for the entire food and beverage industry. It focuses on all subject areas relating to food processing and handling.

The German language trade magazine DICHT! is published 4 times a year. It is the source of information for designers, buyers and quality managers in the field of sealing, adhesive and elastomer technology for both original equipment and maintenance. Specialists with decades of market experience generate important impulses and practical information on the market, trends, technical solutions, new products and soft skills for you. They offer you a high practical benefit and impart relevant knowledge.

The trade and decision-makers’ magazine DIGITAL PROCESS INDUSTRY (DPI) provides information on how to optimise workflows and perfect production processes in the medium term and how to use raw material resources, energy and time more economically. The editorial team bundles expert knowledge on the topics of field signal integration, sensor integration, horizontal and vertical networking, modularization, IT and cyber security as well as cloud connectivity and illustrates to the reader exemplary concrete solution approaches based on technologies that are available and offer users measurable added value.

The magazine focuses on basics, methods, technical trends, solutions (IT, industrial components and machine tools) as well as practical application examples for the entire process chain in industrial production. In DIGITAL MANUFACTURING the topic of production is continued in the process chain, where the DIGITAL ENGINEERING magazine ends with product development.

E-3 is the monthly, independent ERP community magazine for the German-speaking SAP scene. The expertise of E-3 magazine is business and technical reporting on all aspects of an SAP system.

Mit einer Auflage von 35.000 Exemplaren erreicht das E-3 Magazin nahezu alle wichtigen Entscheidungsträger, Experten, die Mitglieder deutschsprachiger SAP-Anwendergruppen und natürlich die SAP-Bestandskunden und Partner.

EUROPAGES is a European B2B platform in 26 language versions, with 3 million registered companies, namely manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers and distributors. Every month, over 2 million unique visitors from all over the world use the platform to search for products, services and suppliers.
Since 1989 ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN has addressed to investors, engineers and operators of plants covering the subjects wind, sun and bioenergy. Apart from classical target groups of investors, municipalities and municipal works today take an important role in the development of renewable energies. On top of that constructors of large-scale-objects such as prime contractors, project planners, and technical planners belong to our target groups.

The Industrieanzeiger is the advertising medium with a focus on management and manufacturing companies in industry. The Industry Scoreboard provides exclusive and practical knowledge about products, innovations and trends for the core sectors of mechanical engineering, metalworking, automotive, electronics/electrical engineering and the plastics processing industry. is the web portal for doers, decision-makers and professionals covering topics surrounding industrial maintenance, repair and restoration. The website of the leading German professional magazine ‘Instandhaltung’ is the mecca for everyone creating and sustaining values with their work.

IT&Production is the only brand on the German-speaking market to report exclusively and comprehensively on all aspects of industrial IT – and has been doing so for 17 years. Decision-makers, plant and operations managers and IT managers from all sectors can find information on process optimization, investment decisions and innovative technology on our channels. Our content is more in demand than ever before, because in the Industry 4.0 age, without the right soft- and hardware and coordinated processes, sustainable success in global competition is hardly possible. As a media companion to the industrial digital transformation, we work closely with key stakeholders to provide our readers with useful information for their business practice. Our topics range from the management level to research and development to sales, automation and manufacturing.

i-Quadrat is a practical, interdisciplinary magazine for intelligent maintenance. It is aimed at technical and executive management personnel in the industry. With broad and in-depth information from user reports, market analysis, product news and interviews, i-Quadrat provides important support for investment decisions in industry and services. It focuses on products, solutions, services and strategies that ensure the optimal availability of machinery and equipment as well as their economic and effi-cient operation. In its specialist sections on management, markets and products,
i-Quadrat provides detailed and discerning articles on the technologies and services available to end users that can help ensure that industrial production processes run without a hitch.
is the professional magazine for specialists and managers in the food and beverage industries and the associated packaging and machinery supply industries. The core LVT readers are the decision makers responsible for production and process technology and the packaging of foods and beverages. Top management: proprietors, managers, directors. Middle management: plant managers, technical managers, planning and design managers, purchasing, QM, packaging, logistics and marketing. Technical specialists: engineers, designers, technicians, developers and planners.
MM MaschinenMarkt – The brand name for industry has for 120 years now been providing a wide variety of media to decisionmakers in management, production, automation, design engineering and logistics. MM MaschinenMarkt – with its top-circulation industrial magazine, web portals, a daily newsletter plus numerous specific topic newsletters, sectorrelated specialist information in logistics, as well as international print and online services in 11 countries – represents a high-performance information and communication platforms the core sectors of the manufacturing industry.
mav innovation in metal working
Competent and highly topical, mav regularly reports on the latest machines, tools, components, procedures and processes in metal working. As a respected industry partner, mav is the vital link between producers and users.  However, mav not only informs on the latest innovations, but is intrinsically innovative. Presenting new ideas, concepts and formats, mav sets the standard in the world of professional trade magazines. In essence, the brand is based on three fundamental  elements: print, online and event. The magazine is published monthly and is compelling both in editorial content and the modern, reader-friendly layout.

Cross-sectoral, tailored to the target group and different reader/user preferences – P&A Perspektive Prozessindustrie offers sustainable information about markets and technologies in the process industry and are a source of inspiration for plant designers and operators. P&A sets a high value on integrating the disciplines process engineering & automation.

The new P&A Web Magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights the current top topics – far beyond the content of the print publications. Become part of INDUSTR.COM/PuA community right now: www.INDUSTR.COM/PuA.

Privatbahn Magazin (PriMa) is the modern business magazine of the railway industry on its way into the logistics age. Apart from presenting innovative companies – from industry, logistics and the rail transport sector – Privatbahn Magazin reports comprehensively on the development of the railway as a mode of transport The Privatbahn Magazin is aimed at the German and European railway industry and its customers and business partners, transport policy at European, federal and state level, the railway industry, at universities and research institutions as well as at interest groups and associations.

For 25 years, PROCESS has created transparency in the chemical, pharmaceutical market
and process engineering industries. We look at all the trends and innovations of
Industry, transport best practice examples and thus provide guidance and orientation for
all investment decision makers and user target groups – from planning to construction
the construction and operation up to the maintenance of process plants.

Technology convinces purchasing

Technical purchasing is responsible for a huge budget. Industry buys in up to 70 percent of its added value. Decisions about suppliers and materials are made by the purchasing department. Products, innovations, technologies, supplier and market overviews – buyers will find all this in TECHNIK + EINKAUF. It’s about more than prices and costs. Technology, quality, efficiency, sustainability: modern procurement is closely coordinated with development, production and logistics.

TECHNIK + EINKAUF maps all these interfaces to purchasing.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF presents the latest technologies, products and innovations.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF conveys the latest technical know-how
TECHNIK + EINKAUF provides information on suppliers, systems and solutions (buying guide with checklist in every issue!)
TECHNIK + EINKAUF analyses procurement markets and examines industries.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF reports on management, strategy, organisation and cooperation.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF presents the best from technology, purchasing, production and logistics.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF makes buyers technically fit and decision-making confident.

The Media Group (Print.Online.TV) pursues the goal of creating more transparency in the telematics sector in order to bring these innovative technologies closer to the public eye.

For this purpose, binds competent trade journalists and marketing professionals throughout Germany who are in permanent communication with the companies, institutions, universities and associations in the telematics sector and unites all the bodies involved on this “public stage”.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK provides competent, well-founded, practical and up-to-date information about plants, components and systems required for the technical implementation of material conversion. Machines, apparatus and plants for material conversion are as much the focus of the contributions as special measuring and automation technology. Conveying and storage technology as well as safety and environmental technology round off the spectrum.

Target group:
VERFAHRENSTECHNIK is aimed at process engineers in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical sector and in the food and beverage industry.

The miracles of „Werkstoffwelt“ reflect in this cross-sectoral trade magazine.

It is:
Organ for the material handling device for the federal states of Bavaria and North-Rhine-Westfalia. Information source for the material networks and unions. Market for everyone who is in contact with material.

It offers:
Insight in the constantly alternating world of material and fabrication. The newest developments and achievements in research. Extensive trade show reports about important shows.

“Wer liefert was” is the leading B2B marketplace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As the most visited internet platform for professional purchasing, wlw provides access to millions of products and services in the B2B segment. On, and, 1.3 million buyers with real needs meet around 570,000 suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and service providers every month.


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