Tour guides lead groups of a maximum of 20 people twice a day to special innovations and exciting exhibits in the themed area. A tour leads to around 6 to 10 selected exhibitors.


Topics 2023

Smart Maintenance - Understanding and applying data-based maintenance.

Smart Maintenance is designed to deliver the greatest possible value to companies through autonomous further development based on available data and experience. Learn how companies can use the right digital tools to extend the service life of machines and plants and operate them much more cost-effectively. ____________________________________________________________________

Sustainability in maintenance - environmental friendliness as an economic factor

Sustainable maintenance is an inevitable tool on the way to a successful circular economy. In this Guided Tour, the topics of circular maintenance and sustainability are linked and the relevance of the two topics to each other is made clear. ____________________________________________________________________

Hinweis: Die Organisation und die Auswahl der teilnehmenden Unternehmen der GuidedTours obliegt unserem Partner FIR der RWTH Aachen. Die Plätze für die Aussteller werden bei Eignung entsprechend der diesjährigen Themen nach dem First-Come-First-Serve-Prinzip vergeben.


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