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RS Rittel GmbH

RS Rittel GmbH is your reliable partner for the production and delivery of standard and especially special spare parts for your production plants.

The production of highly wear and corrosion resistant precision spare parts in particular has been for many years one of RS Rittel’s core competencies.
Including the refurbishment, optimization and complete new machining of your worn parts.

“RS Rittel Services ….. keeping machines running longer!”

As family operated medium-sized company this slogan is since 1980 the key part of our corporate philosophy and guidance for our entrepreneurial activity.

As a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company this slogan indicates our striving to contribute to a significant cost reduction in your production and maintenance by delivering only highest quality and reliability.

The RS Rittel Service portfolio includes among others following products and services:

Precision spare parts for machines and plants from different branches:

– Chemical industry
– Pharma industry
– Food industry
– Beverages industry
– Waste and power plant industry
– Machinery and plant industry
– Paper and packaging industry

For those industrial branches RS delivers you Shafts, shaft sleeves, bearing sleeves, thrust rings, split rings, piston rods, nozzles, nozzles tubes, valves, mechanical seals and cartridge seals. And of course many more.


– Engineering, measurements and construction
– Weak point analysis and product improvement
– Mechanical production especially machining of stainless steel and special alloys
– Thermal spraying, high velocity oxygen fuel spraying, powder flame spraying, atmospheric plasma spraying
– Carbide, ceramic and cermet coatings
– RS-POLYGUSS, high performance composite, wear resistant, chemical resistant, specially for pump housings, impellers, wear walls, vessels etc.

Our highly qualified and motivated staff guarantees a precise task fulfilment to your full satisfaction.




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