Ultraprobe® 100


The Ultraprobe® 100 is a practical tool for any leak detection, steam trap inspection or troubleshooting program.
Simple to use & cost effective!

Find compressed air and faulty steamtraps and prevent machinery failure.
Why Choose this instrument?

Easy to use
Best in class entry level Ultrasound instrument!
Comes with an universal interchangable 9V battery
Ideally for point & shoot trouble shooting

Ultrasound Technology is the smart approach to inspection:

Ultrasound is very directional and localized
Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded
Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy environments
Changes in Ultrasound provide early warning of potential problems
Ultrasound instruments are easy to use!

The Ultraprobe® 100 features an 8-position sensitivity dial with decibel indications. In addition, it features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB for calculating decibel levels.
This unique instrument offers a unique listening experience for your troubleshooting needs!

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