Predictive Maintenance SaaS solutions


ai-omatic revolutionizes the previous maintenance of machines with the help of artificial intelligence. Our tool for this is a cloud-based software solution that evaluates and visualizes sensor data from machines. Our method combines statistical data with the advantages of neural networks. Statistical models require less labeled data, which is rarely available in companies. Moreover, statistics allows us to learn the probability distribution in the data, making our model particularly robust. Neural networks enable the analysis of extremely large data sets and provide flexibility. Customers can upload their data via our interfaces and receive precise information back from us about the actual state of their machines. We always start with a test phase of about four weeks to generate training data and “learn” the appropriate algorithm for the respective machines. After that, we work with a subscription model. Thanks to our web-based dashboard, our customers always have an up-to-date overview of the vitality of their machines so that they can react to changes at any time if necessary.







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