ispro-NG CMMS


Modular and powerful complete system for all requirements in the modern Maintenance Management.

IsproNG illustrates your organisation and your processes in a clear way, supports the operative resource planning and guarantees the legal required documentation. As a modular all-in-one system, our maintenance software provides a wide range of standard functions. The various configuration possibilities of isproNG facilitate a simple and fast customization to company specific requirements – with interfaces to all current ERP-systems.

For Manager, technical purchaser and task planner. Client-Server-Solution with SQL-Data base and Interface to common ERP-, BDE- and MES-systems.

For alerting persons, maintenance technicians and external service personnel. Retrievable from all common web browser.

Mobile Solution.
isproNG App for Android, iOS and Windows (UWP)
Mobile application for Windows Mobile and WindowsCE PDAs and IndustryPDAs

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