CJC® T2render Pro – Cloud-Application


The cloud-application for oil sensors enables automized evaluation of oil sensors – machine-specific and precise. Installing the CJC® Sensor Technology in combination with a CJC® Oil-Care System in an off-line circuit is required.
The cloud-application as pro version enables the automized evaluation of the sensor data based on high-developed algorithms and the machine-specific configuration. The comprehensive data of the numerous sensors (high data density) deliver valuable information about oil condition and machine condition in real-time.
It enables earliest possible warnings as soon as the oil and/or machine condition differ from the initial custom-defined „normal condition“. The unique intelligence simplifies the manual and complex data interpretation, considering all data of each sensor.
The earlier wear in the earliest stages is detected, the earlier you have the possibility to take action, the longer the lifetime of components and machine and the more plannable, calculable and cost-efficient are maintenance measures.



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