CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM


The CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM is installed in the offline circuit of the oil system in combination with a CJC® Oil Care System. The OCM measures exact values of the oil condition (particle content (>4, >6, >14, >21 up to 250 micrometres (µm)), relative humidity (RF in %), temperature) over a large viscosity range and independent of in the oil contained air-bubbles.

The CJC® Offline Filter Systems remove simultaneously particles, water and oil ageing products (oxidation by-products, varnish, resin, sludge) whereby across all industries and within shortest time maximum oil cleanliness levels will be achieved. Oil-related Wear will be avoided and with the earliest possible warnings of wear generation, you are able to maintain timely, economically and predictably. The CJC Oil Contamination Monitor OCM is used for hydraulic, lube and gear oil.

– optimum prevention against wear
– maximum utilisation of oil and components
– earliest possible warnings in case of any signs of wear generation
– condition-based maintenance that is predictable and calculable
– reduction of maintenance costs
– no unscheduled, cost-intensive breakdowns and production losses
– increase of machine efficiency, process stability and productivity
– longer lifetime for expensive filter elements of inline filters
– improvement of ROI (Return on Investment)

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