Digitalization of your components

Thanks to our modern 3D-Scan-Sytems, we can offer 3D-Scans of your complex components followed by a Reverse Engineering. The 3D-Scanning enables a precise and fast 3-Dimensional data acquisition of the desired geometry. As a result, the Comet-System provides a complete geometric analysis of your components. The fast Dimensional-Analysis of the complex components offers various advantages to our customers, e.g. the rapid creation of the CAD-model saves you time and money. On request we carry out a target-actual-comparison of the CAD-Model and your prototype. Our vast service portfolio supports you in your Obsolescence-Management as well as in your new development of your important components.

Whether you need just a Scan, a surface model or the complete CAD-model – we digitize your part. Challenge us!





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