Priveq invests in air quality to ensure a safe return to the workplace


Priveq has a sixth-floor office on Kungsgatan in the heart of Stockholm. The company has decided to invest in two air cleaners to ensure clean air in the light, airy rooms. Henrik Westfeldt, partner and investment manager, and Maria Lundborg, office manager/assistant, tell us all about it.

– ”We’re relative newcomers here on Kungsgatan,” says Henrik .“It’s a busy street, so we probably have some air quality problems in the workplace. It’s nothing we noticed, but in connection with the coronavirus pandemic we discovered QleanAir’s air cleaning solution and thought it might improve air quality. It creates a sense of security to know that the air is completely clean.”

The particle content was measured at the time of installation, and a significant reduction was seen after just five minutes.

– Quite simply, we need to have clean air, and it feels safe that we have that in place,” says Henrik . “If the solution works for Karolinska University Hospital intensive care unit, it feels very safe and nice to use it here.

Henrik and Maria believe it is important to protect the health of employees in order to be an attractive employer. They also believe the interest in air quality will remain for a long time to come, because safety is important to people. A lot of people will place greater demands on better hygiene and clean air.

When it comes to the functionality of our solution, both are satisfied and recommend QleanAir as a service provider.

– The air cleaners work great – they just stand there running without us noticing them. The fact that this is a leased service makes it simple and easy. We don’t need to think about maintenance, says Maria.

Priveq is a venture capital firm that develops unlisted companies and helps them grow. They manage funds worth approximately SEK 8 billion and are partners in around 20 companies, including QleanAir Scandinavia.







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