perma lubrication systems for Sewage Treatment Plants


Sewage treatment plants are highly specialized and complex facilities. Important equipment parts like roller- and sliding bearings, chains and spindles are constantly exposed to dirt, water, phosphate and other chemicals. Continuous lubrication can prevent premature equipment wear and breakdowns caused by contamination.

perma lubrication systems minimize maintenance runs

Regular lubrication increases equipment availability and service life. However, manufacturer recommended lubrication intervals are not always observed due to a lack of time and hard-to-reach or dangerous lubrication points. Equipment failures caused by insufficient or incorrect lubrication will stop the entire treatment process and result in unpleasant smell and costly repairs.

perma lubrication systems provide reliable automatic lubrication for many applications in sewage treatment plants. They also seal and protect against contamination and moisture. perma lubrication systems reduce maintenance time and increase workplace safety, as the systems can be installed away from dangerous equipment with extension lines. perma-tec also offers biodegradable lubricants. The lubricant amount and frequency can be adjusted to meet manufacturer recommendations. This reduces lubricant consumption and lubricant contamination caused by over-greasing.

Different lubrication systems for different applications

perma offers different lubrication systems to meet the individual lubrication requirements of chain guide rollers in screening, scrapers in grit and grease removal and clarifier tanks, of impeller wheels at the primary sedimentation tank, of sludge belt conveyors, sludge densifiers and screw presses during the sludge thickening process. perma STAR VARIO and perma FLEX are ideal automatic lubrication systems for applications in sewage treatment plants like roller and sliding bearings, chains and spindles.



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