perma lubrication systems for Gypsum, Lime, Cement Plants


Cement plant profitability is directly related to equipment reliability. One of the main requirements for reliable operation is frequent greasing to prevent the entry of contaminents into bearings. Since many of the lubrication points in cement plants are dangerous and hard to access, they are not lubricated as often as required. This accelerates the wear of mechanical components and leads to premature failures. Extreme operating conditions such as high temperature, vibrations, shock loads, high loads, and contaminants like dust, dirt and water demand frequent and reliable lubrication in order to prevent costly downtime.

Automatic lubrication systems from perma are successfully used in cement plants on screw conveyors, belt pretensioners, rotary kilns, mills, blowers, fans, motors, pumps, extruders, silos, bagging, palletizing etc. They are economical, meet technical demands and drastically improve workplace safety.

perma lubrication systems, like perma STAR VARIO (filled with either 60, 120, 250 or 500 cm³ of lubricant), are quickly installed and can be exchanged without any special tools. They ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh, clean lubricant and effectively seal against the entry of water, dirt and dust. Remote mounting with tubes at hard-to-access, moving, or hidden lubrication points ensures permanent lubrication without interrupting the production process. This improves workplace safety, extends the service life of your equipment and increases plant profitability.



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