New release with form module for mobile app


For the mobileX-CrossMIP app, there is now mobileX-CrossForms, a new module for creating and using dynamic forms for checklists and protocols. Other highlights include GPS tracking, change tracking for technical objects and material movements in SAP, and single sign-on via OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. Version 9.0 of the Field Service Management suite is available from November 27.
With the new mobileX-CrossForms module, release 9 offers dynamic forms for the mobileX-CrossMIP app on iOS, Android and Windows. This allows customers to create and distribute both static and dynamic forms, e.g. for checklists, themselves via a WebIDE. In addition to PDF Forms, which have been available since the beginning of 2020 and can be used to directly edit and post PDF forms, another powerful function is now available for use cases involving forms.

There are numerous input elements for form design, such as drop-downs, text fields, checkboxes or labels. To check user input, validation functions included in mobileX-CrossForms can also be integrated. In addition, dynamic behavior can be implemented within the digital form, e.g. to show or hide individual fields or complete areas depending on the values entered. With mobileX-CrossForms, there is complete access to all data on the mobile client, which can be used for checks, preassignment of fields or selection lists or for a dynamic behavior of the form depending on the context. The forms are also fully localizable to adapt them for use in different countries and markets.

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