augmented instructions – digitalised know-how supports industry in maintenance and servicing


The downtime of a single machine can interrupt entire production chains and thus cause massive economic damage. Sample calculations show that even a single hour of downtime can cost a company several hundred thousand euros. The long-term effects on the competitive situation cannot even be reliably calculated. At the same time, a study by the market research institute Vanson Bourne shows that more than 80 percent of the industrial companies surveyed worldwide have experienced an average of two unplanned outages over a period of three years.
Both in the area of self-maintenance and in collaboration with external service providers, the effects of the shortage of skilled workers have become increasingly noticeable in recent years. In production, companies are increasingly working with unskilled workers who do not have the know-how to repair or maintain machines independently in the event of a malfunction. At the same time, manufacturers and service providers are also complaining about the increasing shortage of qualified workers to meet the growing global demand. For industrial companies, this results in rising costs and, in the worst case, extended waiting times in the event of service, which also has economic consequences.
With the augmented instructor, the technology company tepcon from Donaueschingen in the Black Forest is taking a different approach. The digitization solution enables industrial companies to carry out maintenance and servicing tasks independently, in consistent quality, without external personnel support over the long term. tepcon uses the technological potential of augmented reality to record and document repair and maintenance processes as they are carried out, and to make them permanently available for retrieval. All work steps are recorded in images, audio files and videos and stored in cloud systems.



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