360 degree tours – the interactive product placement


What is a 360 degree tour?
A 360 degree tour allows you to virtually visit a place and creates a sense of space as well as orientation. The key points of a virtual tour are the wide viewing angle, which is reminiscent of a panorama, as well as the free control of the field of vision.

By stringing together several special 360-degree photos, the user is able to move freely back and forth. In order to make virtual tours appear as realistic as possible, a high quality of the photos is a prerequisite. These are not simple image sections, but 360-degree camera viewpoints that reproduce the room as accurately as possible.

What are the advantages?
Virtual 360 degree tours offer many potentials for your company. In particular, the extraordinary, interactive customer experience and the integration of your products in a suitable environment are of central importance. In addition, there are further advantages of your virtual tour.
These advantages include:
– Ease of use by the user
– Better product presentation
– Individual and easy customization of the space
– Longer time spent on showroom due to interactivity
– Potential increase in sales
– Acquisition of potential leads
– Acquisition of new customers
– Memorable first impression
– Viewing possible 24/7

In which industries is virtual reality used?
Virtual 360 degree tours can be used in a variety of ways and are unbeatable tools in different industries. Based on contact restrictions and distance events at the latest, many industries have had to look for new ways to sell. Virtual tours can create added value especially in the areas of consulting, training and marketing. In the following, we will give you some example industries in which the cooperation of virtual technology and work processes make sense and are partly already applied.




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