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SONOTEC has been developing, producing and distributing ultrasonic testing devices for preventive maintenance under the SONAPHONE brand for more than 30 years. The devices are mainly used for leak detection on compressed air, gas and vacuum systems, for the detection of partial discharges, condition monitoring tasks and the testing of steam traps. In 2016, the company from Halle (Saale) launched its latest generation of innovative ultrasonic testing devices.

The SONAPHONE extends the product range of the ultrasonic specialist SONOTEC with a digital ultrasonic testing device including touchscreen technology. This device for preventive maintenance is a hit with users thanks to apps that are intuitive to operate and opens up new domains of application in connection with innovative sensor. The mobile ultrasonic testing device contributes significantly to greater plant safety and availability by efficiency determining the condition of machines and systems. It minimizes downtimes, helps reduce energy costs and thus improves the efficiency of the entire production. All in all using the testing device leads to an optimized process.

In 2021 has expanded its product range with the new acoustic camera SONASCREEN. The camera generates acoustic images from both the audible and ultrasound frequency range. The device enables maintenance teams to quickly locate leaks in compressed air and vacuum systems. By introducing the new industrial imager, SONOTEC provides a supplementary device for predictive maintenance and energy auditing to ensure operational reliability and energy efficiency. The SONASCREEN is offered at an affordable price to make it available to a broad range of customers and their applications.

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