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RODIAS is a medium-sized IT service company specializing in systems for the maintenance of better technical systems and buildings. With an agile approach and innovative approaches, we lead Industry 4.0 for our customers on the basis of current software effects. In addition to customer-specific implementations of the market-leading products IBM Maximo and Infor EAM, we have developed our own around our core topic EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).
One example is our Insight product suite, which is included under personal data for mobile data access, mobile resource planning and the mobile recording of maintenance data management. Insight into the middleware in the sense of a RAD environment and in the background of IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, SAP PM or other ERP and legacy services.
We also have passengers in our portfolio for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for smart analytics in the context of condition-based monitoring and, in advance, predictive maintenance. In the nuclear industry, with our openBMS, we are the de facto standard for operational management systems in the German-speaking market. With our data manager, the DGUV importer and the tool OPTIRA for project quality quality control, we look at our portfolio.
RODIAS was received in Mannheim in 1984 and today stands as an interest and guide specialist for advice, conception, knowledge and control of EAM administration and administration for continuity and relationships in the industry. RODIAS has been part of ROBUR since 2018 as a service provider for the digital transformation and digitization of the industrial service sector. In 2020, the responsible GIS – Society for Controlled System Planning mbH was merged with EAM Software GmbH to form RODIAS GmbH. The company is based in Weinheim near Heidelberg. RODIAS interest rate over 80 employees.

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