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Total Hose Management 4.0
On February 1, 2018, the new DGUV Rule 113-020 for hydraulic hose lines and hydraulic fluids came into force. As part of this, Pirtek is optimizing its service with a complex update of the hose management program to version 4.0, providing a safe and cost-effective way to set up preventive maintenance of the hydraulic lines used to meet the new requirements. The program now offers additional features and functions:

– Direct access to the program via your own login
– Secure and transparent monitoring even of large quantities
– Automated and early reminder for necessary visual checks and bills of exchange
– Clear and legally secure recording and documentation of hydraulic lines and
Visual inspections according to new DGUV 113-020
– Support of the prescribed risk assessment according to §5 ArbSchG
– Assembly to changing hydraulic hoses in advance, only exchange on site
– Clear reports in many file formats such as Excel and PDF
– Photo documentation and image transfer to the program overview

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