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NL Acoustics provides smart sound-based solutions for locating and analyzing industrial faults and defects.

Assets emit abnormal sounds when they start to fail. Our solutions recognize these sounds and understand what they mean. Utilizing machine learning we analyze sound events and turn them it into valuable information. We help our customers make better predictive maintenance decisions and fix critical assets early.


NL Camera

The NL Camera is a superior new way to find and analyze industrial faults and defects. The NL Camera locates faults by listening, recognizing and analyzing sounds they emit. It is a lot more sensitive and accurate than the human ear and has a frequency range that extends to ultrasonic frequencies. We offer software-tailored versions for detecting: • AIR LEAKS • FAULTS IN POWER GRIDS

The NL Sense

The NL Sense is a non-intrusive solution that enables you to add predictive maintenance to your existing systems. It is straightforward to configure through our NL Cloud service and can be connected directly to your existing systems.

The NL Sense provides advanced analysis features that use the latest in machine learning technologies to help you detect problems as early as possible.

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