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A technology created to last

Founded in 1987, MEMOLUB® International manufactures and distributes MEMOLUB® lubrication products. For years, the company has been providing innovative and effective lubrication solutions to global industrial players. After more than 15 years selling high performance lubricants, MEMOLUB®’s founder designed a more effective and reliable lubrication system than the spring or gas systems used at the time. This new system based on an electro-mechanical technology ensures outstanding lubrication. Over the years, our objectives remained identical: protect the machinery on the long run by using refillable grease pumps that are both precise and efficient. In order to keep both our objectives and our customers needs fulfilled, MEMOLUB® invests permanently in research and development.

A Swiss touch assembled in Belgium

It is in the industrial zone of Anderlecht in Brussels, in the very same place where Memolub was first created that all MEMOLUB® products are designed, tested and assembled. Willing to work with the best technologies available and to keep our carbon foot print as low as possible, our company patners up with Swiss and Belgian manufacturers to craft MEMOLUB® parts.

A global presence to meet your needs

MEMOLUB® products are currently distributed in 60+ countries in very diverse environments. Based on a flexible technology, MEMOLUB® products suit almost every industrial sector from automobile manufacturers to cement or steel plants. MEMOLUB® also adapts to many situations such as direct-and-remote installations or multi-points applications capable of hundreds of simultaneous grease applications. MEMOLUB® aims to meet to the most technical requirements of its customers.

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