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Matjeschk-PowerTools is manufacturer and supplier of torque wrenches, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic tooling equipment. Since more than 25 years we supply numerous customers amongst others from wind, power and chemicals industries.

Matjeschk-PowerTools delivers operational bolting systems, advises of the suitable bolting process and develops customer-oriented special solutions. And that is what sets M-PT apart – consulting, development and special construction. Our after-sales service includes calibration, maintenance and repair. In addition, M-PT has an extensive rental park.

The requirements of the customers quality management and their experience with daily installation practice, form the basis for research and development at M-PT. In the last years we have invested a lot in our development department, whereby M-PT established itself not only as distribution company, but also as leading manufacturer.

Our development include following products:
– Battery-powered torque wrench series MAD
– Electric torque wrench series MED
– Hydraulic motor pumps series HEM with automatic control
– Diverse hydraulic and pneumatic tools in special machine manufacturing

The worldwide recognized manufacturer RAD Torque Systems has authorized M-PT as exclusive German distribution and service partner. Furthermore M-PT is a solid partner of the company Torc-Tech.

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