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We from Karberg & Hennemann are manufacturers and developers of the CJC® Oil Care and Fluid Care Systems: off-line filter, hydraulic filter, lube oil filter, varnish filter, water separators, diesel fuel purifier, coolant lubricant filter, and oil filter for quenching oil, thermal oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, insulating oil as well as biodegradable / environmentally friendly lubricants – made in Germany and Denmark. Achieve the highest oil and fluid cleanliness within the shortest time.
Our CJC® Condition Monitoring Systems with sensors and particle counters to monitor filter, oil and machine in real-time are optionally installable. Data transfer and automatic data interpretation are individually configurable. Maximize wear protection for your machine and replace your oil condition-based. Protect resources and ensure more sustainability.
The best: our filter material consists of 100 % natural fibres and meets the requirements of the life-cycle resource management – 0 %plastic, 0% metals.
With over 70 years of field experience, we are the EXPERTS for oil and fluid care in the industry, onboard and in the harbour, in the mining sector and in power plants, transformer stations and wind turbines.

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