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If there is one thing that manufacturing companies are afraid of, it is production downtime, the failure of machines and systems. Because such a failure costs a lot of money. INspares offers with its innovative and novel service a significant reduction of the time interval between failure and restart of production. The company has developed a system that saves manufacturing companies in all industries many thousands of euros in the event of plant downtime, because the time interval between failure and restart of production is significantly reduced. Digital recording of all data and parameters: In the first step, all components at the company are tagged with a QR code, digitally recorded and cataloged. INspares uses a software/application developed specifically for this purpose. With the help of a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) all field data (manufacturer, type, serial number, location) – parameters (bus addresses, voltage, power) up to photos of the component are captured on the fly. Once all electronic components in a company have been recorded, an INspares dashboard provides comprehensive statistics on component types, origin, manufacturer or supplier, component age, and even the failure history of similar components of the same type. For the first time, management or plant management receives a higher-level transparency of all components in production.
Be able to react to discontinuations: Manufacturers regularly replace older component series with newer, more modern, higher-performance ones. The only bad thing is if a company using the old component series does not find out about this early enough to start a planned retrofit.
If an error message occurs or a component fails, all the necessary data and documents can be retrieved via the QR code. In the event of an error message, it is often sufficient to look at the circuit diagram or the operating instructions, both of which are immediately available via the INspares app.

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