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Digitisation, Machine Learning, IoT – preached by many, mastered by us. We implement digital high-tech products to monitor complex industrial plants simply and reliably. In doing so, we identify potential for greater efficiency.

We collect, analyze and interpret machine data from large plants in order to detect potential anomalies at an early stage. This condition monitoring enables us to dynamically design maintenance intervals and forecast machine failures – and thus avoid them. Specifically, we use Informed Machine Learning to analyse process parameters and vibration data in physical models. We bundle machine and process parameters and then present them as intelligent risk indicators that provide your staff with quick and actionable insights. In this way we increase plant availability and reduce your operating costs. Furthermore, the development and processing of this plant data creates an anchor point for a holistic, digital value-added chain. Building on this, we continue to offer data acquisition tools for simplifying, standardizing and digitizing the control processes of industrial plants.
Industrial Analytics’ extensive knowledge in the areas of programming, measurement technology, data acquisition, thermodynamics and industrial processes is based on our extensive experience with large turbomachinery. As a third-party system provider, we support you as experts for plants with a high degree of manufacturer heterogeneity and offer our services on all IoT platforms – as a cloud solution or isolated local application. With our interdisciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and business economists, we are your competent partner for the digital optimization of your industrial plant.

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