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HSD GmbH has been developing modern software solutions for maintenance and the entire facility management since 1984. Users particularly appreciate the great flexibility of the software, which provides them with essential support in customizing interfaces and processes independently.

The modern maintenance process has been one of our core competences for decades. But NOVA-FM can do even more: The software is a modern CAFM system for contemporary facility management in all industries. NOVA is GEFMA-certified and completely maps the technical, infrastructural and commercial facility management. All primary and secondary processes of a real estate operation are clearly managed in NOVA and can be evaluated in detail. The software gives both the technical departments and the employees from the departments and of course the decision makers an excellent tool to operate real estate complexes legally compliant and economically. NOVA thus offers a 360-degree view in facility management, which represents the life cycle of a property (planning and construction, operation and demolition) with the latest technology.

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