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GSGroup is a leading provider of mobile standard software solutions for service organizations and telematics systems in Europe.
With 11 branches in 9 European countries, we serve our customers in 15 different countries. At present approx. 250 employees work in the product lines service management solutions and telematics systems for the GSGroup.
Our service management solution Handyman has been used since 1998 by our meanwhile 2,000 customers with more than 35,000 users in Scandinavia, Germany and other European countries and has been continuously further developed by us.
With 20 years of know-how, Handyman has established itself as a mobile service solution in Europe and is now used by customers in the mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, facility management, IT service and many more industries.
Our clientele includes small and medium-sized companies as well as large international corporations with service departments of more than 1,000 service technicians.

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