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Flexus AG is your competent consulting and development house for the process-oriented implementation of SAP® logistics solutions, which among other things ensure efficient maintenance in your company.

As a certified SAP® partner, we have a long-standing expert knowledge in the field of maintenance. With our Flexus maintenance management, we ensure the simplification of your processes and thus lean maintenance with a great deal of savings potential.

Advantages of the FLX maintenance solution

– Consistent data flows and accelerated processes from the creation of the maintenance order to to data evaluation
– Increased efficiency by reducing administrative effort (e.g. scheduling via drag & drop)
– Improved quality and timeliness of maintenance data
– Time savings through mobile digital data collection and feedback via smartphone or tablet
– High process reliability through auto-ID based identification of assets and maintenance points (barcode or RFID)

The functions for maintenance include

– Feedback of services and material consumption directly on-site
– Mobile operation reports with signature capture and automatic emailing
– Capture and exchange of documents or images (e.g. captured damage photos, operation reports (PDF)…), upload and download
– Mobile message and order processing
– The comprehensive functionality, the easy usability, the seamless SAP integration as well as the high-performance and cost-optimized connection to SAP® are the focus of our solution.

Our SAP Sales Manager Philipp Jäckle will be available for you at p.jaeckle@flexus.net or +49 (0) 170 372 31 32.

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