FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH

FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH

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FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH was founded in 1976 by Werner Fischer. Today, the GmbH is still owner-managed and the sons Axel and Werner-Robby Fischer lead the company. From the beginning, FiSCHER has stood for emergency lighting that works reliably in case of danger. With over 47 years in the market, FiSCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH is one of the oldest companies in the industry. A permanently stable growth offers employment to many qualified employees from the field of electrical engineering at all locations. Whether in the mass production in China, or in the parent company in Neuss, where the manufactory production for individual customer requests and the general administration with over 70 employees are located, FiSCHER stands for consistency and reliability.




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