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Machine cleaning Sometimes the details of machine cleaning are not so trivial. Through its knowledge from the area of damage restoration, BELFOR DeHaDe has the capabilities, equipment, human resources and chemical knowledge to put machines back into their flawless starting condition. This way, optimum conditions are quickly and efficiently achieved again for smooth production (in non-operational times as well, if so desired). Maintenance & inspection Regular inspection and maintenance help in preventing malfunctions and keeping technical system availability at the desired level. Many clients place their trust in BELFOR DeHaDe to perform such tasks at a regularly coordinated interval. For this purpose, we head to your location regularly or install small organisation units within the direct proximity of the machines to be attended to. A pleasant side effect lies in the complete access to “local” expertise and infrastructure (workshops, staff and equipment). Repairs Searching for, analysing, and eliminating the causes of malfunctions – this is only possible when you properly understand the machine in question. The 40 years of experience of BELFOR DeHaDe with its about 100 employees from the technical domain, low turnover and the company’s own machinery (for shaving, milling, drilling, etc.) make it possible to perform these tasks to the benefit of our clients. In most cases, we provide single-source solutions (e.g. creating required spare parts via in-house production). This way, even ad hoc “fire-fighting” operations can be performed. Machine overhaul Whether geometric, major or complete overhaul – BELFOR DeHaDe makes it possible for your machines to be put back into a condition allowing you to carry out high-scale production in peace for years to come. And what’s more: Mechanical or control-system-related modernisations are integrated into the measure upon the client’s request (known as retrofitting). The “machine” black box thus develops unimagined possibilities. Outside-of-the-box services – why not? Our flexibility and in-depth, technical, basic understanding mean that occasionally BELFOR DeHaDe is asked to perform services that do not lie at the core of its business. The reproduction of spare parts, for instance, is often the sole possibility to circumvent supply shortages on the part of manufacturers and wholesalers. The restoration of machine documentation (e.g. hydraulic and wiring diagrams, as well as production drawings of spare parts and parts lists) can be performed via on-site collecting of information, including photographs, and using standard software (e.g. via wiring diagram). This includes, for instance, machine relocations, which – depending upon machine size and complexity – are no simple undertaking. With our machine and managing skills, we will arrange for machines to be relocated until recommissioning. In this area, BELFOR DeHaDe has the necessary large-scale equipment at its disposal via its parent company, BELFOR. This way, even large-scale measures can be implemented, both in the event of damage or, for instance, a crash situation. BELFOR DeHaDe on-site assignment managers coordinate construction sites over the course of weeks, both in Germany and abroad. BELFOR DeHaDe – the better alternative Maintenance has many facets. It is particularly important that our clients can rely upon their machines without any concerns. The essence of our service standard lies in our employees: • Experienced staff with in-depth technical skills, mechanical/ electrical, across sectors, no matter what manufacturer and from a single source • In-house machinery for performing overhauls and the production of spare parts (flexibility and speed) • Logistics, flexibility and management capacity for lastminute assignments on site at the client with additional staff, material and equipment (around the clock, 365 days a year) Other benefits: • 40 years of experience in the area of “damage restoration and repairs” • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001ff. • Risk coverage via parent company BELFOR Electrical Engineering and Automation “Whether for providing advice or implementing a project – with BELFOR DeHaDe you’re talking to an equal partner.” Service & maintenance Electronics are an allegedly unpredictable variable, but not when they’re subject to regular service and maintenance measures. Tests in accordance with DGUV (formerly BGV A3) and the guidelines of the VDE make it possible to act preventively and rule out sources of danger in advance. In this, thermography and other support methods are used.AUTOMATION Control technology The brain of a machine, its control system, is the functional unit which drives BELFOR DeHaDe as well. Clients place their machines in our hands as whole units. They consist not only of mechanical, but also electrical components. Whether Siemens, Heidenhain, Bosch Rexroth or other control systems, such as Fanuc, Omron or Fidia – none of them is really new to us. Our programmers enable you to reactivate or rebuild your control systems, even after total failures, crashes or extreme fire or water damage. HMI user interfaces The interaction between human and machine using so-called HMI user interfaces (human machine interfaces) is of great significance for our highly automated working world. An HMI user interface must be self-explanatory, easy to operate, ergonomic – simply custom-tailored to the person and their machine operation. We design and program these interfaces according to the needs of the machine and client – in other words, “Customised for you”. Retrofitting Particularly in the event of damage where the machines must frequently be disassembled down to their individual components, it makes sense to consider a retrofit – meaning an electronic modernisation of the machine. Whether an upgrade of the control system from S5 to S7, installation of frequency converters or, for instance, higher performance of drives and motors – BELFOR DeHaDe makes it possible to always bring your machine up to the current state of the art. It’s not Greek to us – we know electrical engineering! Particularly in the areas of retrofi tting and control technology, intense engineering and project planning are indispensable due to the age of various systems. These steps also go hand in hand with the client’s request for us to provide support with commissioning especially in such complicated cases. Furthermore, in the event of a total loss, the hardware must be re-built. Control cabinet construction, combined with the wiring of the system, is

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