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A better way to calibrate – Since the establishment of Beamex in 1975, the company has focused strongly and consistently on calibration. Beamex is a technology and service company that develops, manufactures and markets high-quality calibration equipment, software, systems and services for the calibration and maintenance of process instruments. The company is a leading worldwide provider of integrated calibration solutions for improving quality and efficiency.
Beamex offers a comprehensive range of products and services — from portable calibrators to workstations, calibration accessories, calibration software, industry-specific solutions and professional services. Through Beamex’s global and competent partner network, Beamex’s products and services are available in more than 80 countries. Beamex is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.
Over forty years of experience in manufacturing and developing calibration equipment and systems, close co-operation with customers that have high requirements and uncompromising quality standards, shared by the people working at Beamex, are things that have made Beamex’s calibration solutions world-class. As a proof of Beamex’s success, there are more than 10,000 companies worldwide utilizing its calibration solutions.

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Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution (ICS)

The Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution is the combination of software, hardware and calibration expertise that delivers an automated and paperless flow of calibration data. The process begins when a work-order is created in your maintenance management system and is automatically sent to the calibration software to select the associated calibration procedures. Then, the device information and calibration procedures are sent to a documenting calibrator or tablet and the calibration work is performed. Next, the device automatically documents the results. Finally, the results are transferred back to the calibration software for storage, and the work order is digitally closed in your maintenance management system. When upgrading from a traditional calibration system to integrated, you automate the calibration process and eliminate all error-prone manual steps. Upgrading typically decreases the time spent on the entire calibration process by 50%, while improving the quality of calibration records and ensuring quick and easy retrieval for audits.

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