End Point Monitor (EPM) system to prevent machine damage caused by lubrication errors


With his new one, sensor-based monitoring system EPM LUBE offers
the opportunity to detect machine lubrication errors so early that expensive consequential damage can be avoided.

Up to now, it has only been possible to monitor whether the lubrication points of a machine are supplied with lubricant sufficiently and at the right time, at best indirectly, for example by checking the line pressure. As a result, malfunctions in the lubrication system were often detected too late, which in turn could lead to time-consuming and costly repairs: For example, if a ball screw had to be replaced due to lubrication damage on a 5-axis CNC machine, the costs for assembly work and machine downtime alone would easily amount to seven to eight thousand euros. If the price of a new spindle is added to this, it could well end up costing a five-figure sum.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, KAA-Europa GmbH and LUBE now offer their customers the installation of their End Point Monitor (EPM). Sensor-supported, the new system monitors the correct lubricant supply in real time exactly where it is needed – directly at the lubrication points. If a shortage of lubricant occurs there, EPM immediately sounds an alarm via the machine’s central CNC control and there is time to react accordingly.

In principle, the new „End Point Monitor“ system can be used at all lubrication points, but is particularly recommended for machine parts that are very difficult or time-consuming to access, such as linear guides and/or ball screws.

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